Society - 11 years old wonderful boy is needed our help

This is Hrant Grigorian, 11 yars old boy, who has child cerebral palsy by the birth.

This diagnosis has a different manifestations, this lovely boy hasn’t any problem with the brain development, he speaks well, study on school with great marks, he only can’t walk. Many exercises, for example, Horse Therapy, Swimming, physiotherapy was very helpful, and by them now the boy can stand and do for a cupple steps, but for finish he needs a robot-lacromate therapy outside of Armenia, but the one therapy is for about 5000 dollars. The family hasn’t so much money and need for a good people help. The boy’s mother, Mariam is asking for a help, because her son has a drem, to become a worldfamous football (sokcer) player. He is a big fanat of Ronaldo, he had a hairstile as Ronaldo, he knows all about that game,  worl championate and other. We can help this boy by getting for him a money, here is his account 9051270200716916, or you can write to news websaite