Official - Regular board meeting under the auspices of the Minister of Defence

During the session, various reports stated that, throughout the accounting period, all issues relating to logistics and medical support were properly carried out. Priority was put on the acquisition and storage of equipment in the armed forces, the organization of quality outfit and food provision for the staff, and the implementation of proper sanitary and hygiene conditions for the military staff. Special attention was given to the realization of medical activities and the improvement of military medical efficiency.



The board meeting also analyzed the medical aid provided to servicemen wounded in the beginning of April, in consequence of military operations executed by Azerbaijan. It was noted that, due to the medical staff’s organized and operative actions, the evacuation and medical treatment of servicemen wounded in military operations have been properly carried out, in a timely manner.


Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan concluded the meeting by emphasizing on the necessity of further enhancing the military staff’s logistics and medical support activities, contributing thus to the overall development of the armed forces. As a result, several instructions have been given out for the thorough undertaking of further steps.


Ministry of Defence
Of The Republic Of Armenia